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Eviction Notice

A piece of flash fiction I’ve decided to publish under the Creative Commons license with attribution the only restriction.

What if the Earth could send us a message?  What would it look like?

Eviction Notice answers that question.  It’s a short story of about 1000 words and inspired by a writing prompt from the Loudoun County Writers Group.  The prompt asked us to write a story which begins with a ransom note.  Although the Earth’s message is more extortion than ransom, the story starts with this threat of global retaliation and proceeds to follow humanity’s flight from a planet that no longer wants it.

I tried to convey as much science as I could in the story, though I’ve aspired to be careful to place the science in a form which won’t put off the casual reader.  Rather, I hope that this story will inspire the reader to look up the various scientific ideas presented, like how long ago was it when the world had 4% less U238 or just what is epigenetics.

My inspiration are the early vignettes from the Ray Bradbury Martian Chronicles series.  As the story takes place over a 300+ year period, I try to paint it in broad strokes with each short paragraph explaining a new strategy for humanity and the difficulties it faced.

I hope you’ll enjoy!

Eviction Notice

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