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Dropped in the Middle

One of our authors, Jeffrey C. Jacobs has written a piece on writing chapter summaries. You can read the original article here. Sometimes what you need from a critique is just a middle chapter. We can help you, but we do need some context. For instance, why is Character A trying to talk to Character […]

Spam Be Gone

Folks, if you’re trying to spam this site with comments, please be aware, we use Akismet and will delete your comment before it is ever posted. What’s more, we delete it so that even the moderators don’t see it. You’re advertising to a black hole. You’re wasting your time. Don’t do it. Stop. You have […]

An image of Reston Town Center

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t work with Apache2 to display images from the Uploads folder and even though the permissions and user/group settings are correct, there doesn’t seem any way to get WordPress to actually look in that folder for images!

Writing about Electric Cars

Although I mostly write fiction, and all my published work is fiction, I also have a number of popular non-fiction blogs. The most popular of these is the Affordable Electric Car NOW! blog. So why do I bring this up now? Well, sometimes you need to write something like a press release and although that’s […]

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Do you Duotrope?

In case you’re new to the art of writing, let me introduce Duotrope.  Duotrope is an aggregator of various writing requests for submissions by assorted publishers and editors.  The site allows you to mark your favorites for later and sort the articles in terms of print vs. e-publishing, genre, length and payment as well as […]

Reston Barnes & Nobles is indeed closing

Barnes & Noble pulls up stakes in Reston Store closing leaves community with no options for new books By Gregg MacDonald Staff Writer After attempting to negotiate a lease renewal for more than a year, Reston’s Barnes & Noble has decided to pull up stakes and leave the area. Barnes & Noble will vacate the […]

Eviction Notice

A piece of flash fiction I’ve decided to publish under the Creative Commons license with attribution the only restriction. What if the Earth could send us a message?  What would it look like? Eviction Notice answers that question.  It’s a short story of about 1000 words and inspired by a writing prompt from the Loudoun […]

PKS: More Success, More Work

More Success, More Work An update to the State of the Sphere! TimeHorse goes into a bit of our new Read Aloud chapter and our sister group the Book and Essay Writers of Reston and Beyond.