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Do you Duotrope?

In case you’re new to the art of writing, let me introduce Duotrope.  Duotrope is an aggregator of various writing requests for submissions by assorted publishers and editors.  The site allows you to mark your favorites for later and sort the articles in terms of print vs. e-publishing, genre, length and payment as well as fiction, non-fiction and poetry. So for instance, if you’re looking for requests for a short story, fantasy piece comission you would search for a green circle with an F in the Genre column, and a cyan circle with an S in the length category.  You then click the link and read the editor’s description of what he or she would like to see.  If you feel you’re up to the task, you can then attemp to write a piece of that nature or, if not explicitly prohibited submit a prior work.  Just keep in mind resubmissions could get you in trouble, espicially if your submission has already been published.  For that reason it’s best to always try to write something new for the submission.

I, for one, am pursuing a non-for-profit horror short story.  But oh, I must admit this author is grossly out of practice with only 341 words so far of a piece idealy 10 times that. Oh, dear.

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